Portfolio is like a blueprint to a building. One gets to know all they want to know about your skill sets and talent through this. All the more reason why a portfolio design has to be designed with taste and should aesthetically done. The following portfolio designs are from deviantArt. I have chosen to show you a select few that are high in quality and should hold your attention. Do […]

All that glitters is not gold. True. That’s where designers come in. When designing jewellery sites, rule of the thumb is to keep the designs simple. Jewellery sets on display on the page should be the point of focus and not the design elements that go around it. Designs here should complement the jewellery exhibited. Here are dazzling designs from DevianArt, which stand as prime examples for how to design […]

One can never get enough of inspirational designs of game sites, isn’t it? So, here I am with another set of great game site and interface designs jus’ for you. Needless to say, these designs are from DevianArt.  

Games sites designing is fun and challenging at the same time. There is always too much happening out there with this kind of format, and the urge to play along is only understandable. But again, a good game site design would be one which allows the meat of the matter to get its spotlight and complements the happenings in the site. It is not easy, but it is creatively challenging […]

Hotels advertise all around the web world to lure in the travelers. The designs that advertise or publicize the hotels should be first and foremost pleasing to the eye and then give an insight into what they have to offer. It is not all gloss though; you have to make sure that the unique selling point of the hotel is clearly visible in the design. The color schemes and aesthetic […]

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