Portfolio is like a blueprint to a building. One gets to know all they want to know about your skill sets and talent through this. All the more reason why a portfolio design has to be designed with taste and should aesthetically done. The following portfolio designs are from deviantArt. I have chosen to show you a select few that are high in quality and should hold your attention. Do […]

Medical and health care related websites are a tricky one. Content is king here and given the sensitive nature of the vocation, it is advisable to not go overboard with the designs on this one. Minimal and complementary design would do the trick. There is a need for lighter and eye pleasing colors instead of loud color tones. The challenge is to stay unobtrusive of the content provided and subtly […]

Every website is designed for a specific category of users. The website made for a particular category of user should always cater to them with its designs. The web design should attract the attention of the specific user it is made for. The modern age designers combine the different textures and patterns with essential color palettes and graphics to produce a design that suits the taste of its users. Designing […]

It’s like judging the book by the cover. It may not be prudent, but it often works with the consumers. Jus’ like when buying a book, readers read the back cover and go through the excerpt before deciding as to whether to buy the book or not, wine labels play a big role in influencing the consumer to buy the bottle. The content on the label is important, no doubt, […]

Packaging is an integral part of graphic design. Packaging involves portraying necessary information about the product and by default it becomes a sales pitch. Since it not only grabs eyeballs with its design but also acts as a sales copy, it is a challenging prospect for any designer. Such designs and many more are displayed here… Take a look: Packaging design should be designed in such a way that the […]

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