All posts on your WordPress site will be published using the single.php template. The single.php file is used when you click on the post title on the Home Page or Archive Page of the site, and you will see just the single post. In WordPress, we can use only one single.php. But sometimes we need different single pages for different categories, where you want the single post page to look […]

This tutorial explains how to make a author page (author.php) and  what happens when the blog viewer is visiting one of your site’s author pages.  There are many ways that you can modify the look of your author pages. WordPress tags and little bit css make it easy to customize your author page. If you are going to use author pages, you will probably want to make sure that when […]

Many WordPress  blog/sites have an author information box at the end of their posts. This is the current trends in WordPress sites. In this article I will show you, how you can add an author information box and author Gravatar at the end of your single posts without a plugin. Adding an “Author Info” box to your posts is a simple upgrade to any WordPress blog/site. In this tutorial, I’ll […]

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