Designing a good and creative layout can produce surprising results for the website. The latest trend in designing mixes textures and patterns that bring out a variety of outstanding designs. Designers in modern age, boldly experiment with colors, graphics, textures and patterns. These define the new age designs.

The graphic design industry has developed rapidly, all in front of our eyes. Graphic design has given us a new perception point of the world. Graphic Design and creativity has brought our imaginations out of our thoughts into appreciable design layout. CD Cover design is one of the most impressive parts of graphic design. But it’s dying out as people are not buying CDs as they used to. When bands […]

The reason can be a wrong link on your website or the removal of the page from the site. The web server sends a page with the display message”404 error Page not found”. The default 404 error page usually displayed for this error are withoutany design, mostly a blank white background with the 404 error message.

When science meets art, it gives an eye candy for the art lovers. Typography or text art is one of those platforms where science and art collide and the text is resized, arranged, special effects or treatments along with color selection and contrast are provided to make an unusual piece of art. Typography only uses words, letters or numbers to create a design. The practice of typography involves modification of […]

All that glitters is not gold. True. That’s where designers come in. When designing jewellery sites, rule of the thumb is to keep the designs simple. Jewellery sets on display on the page should be the point of focus and not the design elements that go around it. Designs here should complement the jewellery exhibited. Here are dazzling designs from DevianArt, which stand as prime examples for how to design […]

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