I have been working on my client project with manipulating to show only parent category in footer section , so I’m just search in wordpress docs and google, but I have not found any good tutorial or example.

WordPress blogs can be targets for hackers looking to take over for SEO, traffic-redirection and other purposes. Most bloggers aren’t aware of the threat posed by hackers and the blog owner may not even know that a successful attack has taken place.

WordPress is one of the most popular  and open source platform  to build your website around. This is probably due to the fact that you can do so much with it, such as install widgets, themes and even plugins. Over the last few years, social media and social networking have grown exponentially. The ability to constantly and automatically promote your content has been a godsend to startup bloggers and businesses […]

You can keep your blog secure by installing a number of WordPress security plugins. However, instead of activating too many plugins that have the same features, same purpose and even same function because of the conflicts between them, you should consider using only these top plugins that help you to do the best job.   Here is the list of Top WordPress Security Plugins that have all the features you […]

The following tutorial is about designing your own single.php page in wordpress theme. In WordPress theme, Single.php used to display the single post with the author information, comment and reply section.

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