WordPress is one of the most popular  and open source platform  to build your website around. This is probably due to the fact that you can do so much with it, such as install widgets, themes and even plugins.

Over the last few years, social media and social networking have grown exponentially. The ability to constantly and automatically promote your content has been a godsend to startup bloggers and businesses across the world. WordPress has inspired tons of plugins and widget to customize your website. There are countless plugins that will allow your content to be promoted by your own readers through social networking site.

I have compiled a list of best social networking plugins for WordPress which have really made my life easier.So sit back and enjoy!




The reason I like ShareThis is simple: you can customize its appearance to match your site, it’s unobtrusive and doesn’t mess with the theme, and your visitors can submit your site to nearly any social media sites just by pressing on the share button. There are tons of appearance-related options during the configuration process, so you can be sure it looks exactly how you want.



One of the more popular WordPress plugins for social media, Sociable will place buttons to several social bookmarking sites on each of your posts for users to easily submit and vote for you. With sociable you can also choose which buttons you want to include.



Promote your blog posts on Digg, Reddit, Del.icio.us and more with Gregarious. There are several different options that you can customize to suit your needs.


Add to Any Bookmark Button

This plugin creates a simple bookmark button that allows users to bookmark the page with any bookmark manager they choose.


I Love Social Bookmarking

Looking for a slightly different alternative to some of the others on this list? I Love Social Bookmarking allow users to vote for your blog posts by using a drop down menu to select a social media site at which to vote, which keeps less icons on your blog.


Digg This

Digg has the potential to send more traffic in a short period of time than any other social media site. You can make it easy for your readers to digg your posts by placing the button directly on your pages with this plugin.


SphinnIt Button

Sphinn is a social media site that targets internet marketing and search-related topics, and with this plugin your readers can easily Sphinn your posts.


Bookmark Me

This is another simple plugin that adds social bookmarks buttons to your posts and images. Click here to visit the website.


Social Bookmarks

This plugin allows you to add a series of XHTML compliant graphic links at the end of your posts so users can submit your posts to a number of different social networking sites. Click here to visit the website.


Tell a Friend

This plugin does exactly what you would think it does, it allows your users to tell a friend about your content. Click here to visit the website.



This plugin is very simple and adds many bookmark links to your posts including Del.icio.us, Digg it, Slashdot, RawSugar, Yahoo! Mand MyWeb. Click here to visit the website.



This plugin lets you put social bookmarking links on your posts and other pages. Great for traffic. Click here to visit the website.


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