Every website is designed for a specific category of users. The website made for a particular category of user should always cater to them with its designs. The web design should attract the attention of the specific user it is made for. The modern age designers combine the different textures and patterns with essential color palettes and graphics to produce a design that suits the taste of its users. Designing a corporate website also depends on knowing the users, their taste and most importantly the culture and vision of the corporate house.


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To create an eye catching web design, designers put in a lot hard work and experiment to get the design at par with the users’ choice. A corporate web design needs to be as sophisticated as the corporate culture itself, still be simple enough to help the user relate to it. To make a good impression of the website, a lot depends on the type of font, graphics, textures, patterns and colors used in the web design. For the web design to stand out from the rest it has to have a good mixture of simplicity along with exclusiveness and presentation must immediately grab your attention.


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ATAK Interactive - Unofficial by_Bugx0r


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Professional Auction website by_CameronLayfield


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cms system by ~PapciuZiom


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While compiling this stuff on this post, it is possible that I might have missed some which deserve to be in this list. Do not hesitate to share it with me in Comments so that I can add to next collection.


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