Why is the canvas always white? That’s because it kindles your creativity with a clean outlook. You can produce eyeballs grabbing design with the white space available. It is a contrast color and gives you the options to experiment. Minimalism is the type of design that does not go overboard, but stays quite simple but still makes a point. Isn’t it a salivating challenge for every designer worth his or […]

Photo manipulation is a powerful creative outlet for a graphic designer. Real photographs combined with creative graphics create an awesome design. It enhances the quality of the image and makes it real pleasing to the eye. A photograph on the hands of a graphic designer presents infinite possibilities. Here we can see eye pleasing photo manipulated designs from deviantart and you can take joy in appreciating the creativity in view.

Hotels advertise all around the web world to lure in the travelers. The designs that advertise or publicize the hotels should be first and foremost pleasing to the eye and then give an insight into what they have to offer. It is not all gloss though; you have to make sure that the unique selling point of the hotel is clearly visible in the design. The color schemes and aesthetic […]

E-commerce website design and development are not so easy. It presents unique challenges that you won’t always face with other types of web design. E-commerce websites have a reputation for not featuring attractive or creative designs. While usability is extremely important in order to maintain a profitable e-commerce site, the design can still be appealing.

Wikiepdia says, the term “Web 2.0” is commonly associated with web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Web 2.0 style sites can be found all over the web! From Personal Portfolio Sites, to Social Bookmarking sites, this collection has only the best Web 2.0 Sites design from deviantArt! Web 2.0 sites that make web their platform, provide users a way […]

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